The Approach

The finger lifts Muds news

                    Time had flew Muds dream in corridors A file in an archive chest of un official merchendise mud looked into opened a channel to a submarine commander on call who needed a reclusives help in order to harbour on safe land and make quarters where he and his men could develop a land base and make plans in times of maintainance precedures that would be better dealt with under the scrutiny of he and the shipmates. In return he offered helicopter supply lines   which imediately entised muds glory and strong arm assitance in most obvious manors was welcoming to mud who accepted the course is as follows. The captains hands were always there at the laptop to help in the ironing game joyous news  totaled and tallied each day the clauses now: The Base  swift conversions in a stately manor rebuilding when and werever necassery to, imiediate rewards a chief pettiofficer whose maintenance of shipping was his only concern in that he could therefore make up to two daily lightning trips via seacraft to our city

 the begining loomed everything ironed so the day was saw he saw the the sub arrive to a nuclear vessel in for long stay mud was in official welcome anytime however not even stuarts to show up at manor and always text alerts before any news's or requests etc. however mud was like a captain on payroll and stood a while to show jolly.

 Other millitery types followed the news and began a migration target with surveys around the coasts of American

Mud Ordered The Firestation

it had been empty 2, years with atempt to win back people  the crews had took to a rally in effect a film serial developed with a mind that they'd return to Rome to capture village, rows of chalk ups in putty lost at spagetti junction the serial is yet to be served. .nothing facted yet, but, claims are to the effect of middlesbourgh unit paniced by people their side swung in at dawn take over through fuel crissis at spagetti lay by and may of took over  pilots. Blyth Eagle substation is expected to hold facts on reserve as engine was kitted with a datahousing there for daily. yearly reports..

Bordrs Return